MAP Summit Grant

The leadership needed to solve the problems of our time will require deep investment to accelerate social impact. And for the Morgridge Acceleration Program (MAP), that doesn’t end with our Fellowship.

After successfully completing the program, MAP Fellows are eligible to apply for a Summit Grant. This pool of $50,000 is exclusively available to MAP Fellows to further their development and one (or more) of MAP’s objectives:

Applicants are encouraged to think creatively about how they can leverage the opportunity of a Summit Grant. While there are a few stipulations, MAP Fellows know that thinking big, thinking bold, and thinking strategically will be rewarded.

Summit Grant applicants may apply for up-to $10,000 as an individual, and up-to $15,000 if applying alongside another program participant (either a past MAP Fellow or past MAP Mentor). While $50,000 of total funding is available, only the amount approved and awarded will be distributed.

Applications for MAP Summit Grants open April 11th 2022 and close June 3rd 2022. Activities and outcomes that are funded must be completed by June 9th 2023.

Applicants defend why and how their proposed activity(s) align with one of more of the MAP objectives by submitting the following information:

Lastly, awardees commit to:

If you are a past MAP Fellow interested in submitting a Summit Grant application, please email your primary program contact for more information.